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Welcome to Recovering Drummer

A safe space with a focus on all things life, drumming, playing and gear. By extension – and because nothing exists in a vacuum – all things people, music and philosophy. All this, dispersed with gear reviews and handy tips for drummers.

Navigating the trials, the excitement, the boredom and the joys of an occasional recording and performing drummer, including reflections of what that has meant over a long journey. These posts could help young drummers to avoid common traps and mistakes made by those starting out.

While working and playing in bands over many years I continue to learn about people (a fascinating species) and attitudes. A lot of this knowledge would have been very helpful to me as a young player. Therein lies the old adage: “If only I knew then what I know now”

If you have landed here by mistake, that’s great too, welcome and please use the comments section to contribute your story and share your interests. Drummers and philosophers alike, please post about yourself below any article that takes your interest.

Life, craft, wellness, relations and balance.

Recovering Drummer does not smack of the dark danger of rock-bottom and return, instead has a focus on life, craft, wellness, relations and balance. All tricky things to achieve and maintain and I strive each day like each of us.

As well as articles on all things drums and drumming for the compelled and talented.

Thanks to the “coiner”

I take this opportunity to say thank you to Peter Newbury who, referring to me, first coined the phrase “recovering drummer” in his retirement speech as Head of History at a prestigious private school in Melbourne. It was a great story, it was years ago, but the phrase always stuck with me.

Peter is a good friend, a mentor, scholar, absolute gentleman, and most importantly a Geelong Cats supporter.

Thank you Peter for opening your family to me which has meant years of collegiality, fun, food and laughter and the most wonderful company before, during and after football matches. Go Cats!